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Jal Tarang is one of the oldest instrument ever created by humans. In a Jal Tarang, different glass bowls are used with different levels of water to create a distinctive pitch in sound. Jal Tarang can be played either standing up or sitting down. All you need are a few bowls of water on a table, 21 or 15 to be precise. Then you can either strike the bowls with a steel bar or a wooden bar to produce sound. The idea is to hit at a low velocity. To tune a Jal Tarang is quite fun too. You need to spill a little water or to add a little water, in order to tune a Jal Tarang.

As the time passed by, Chinese porcelain bowls became the best choice to create a Jal Tarang. Notable players for this particular instruments are Vidushi Shashikala Dani, George Harrison (Beatles) and more. George Harrison has played Jal Tarang in “Gone Troppo” from “Gone Troppo- Beatles”

Over the years, the instruments came up with new theories and practices. From every corner of the world, emerged new musical theories. That was the time when the Western Musical Theory got universally accepted to end the doldrums. Few basic components of Western Musical Theory are:-

Basic Components of Western Music theory

  • Pitch:- Pitch can be defined as how high or how low a note gets. It is directly proportional to the frequency of a sound. Pitch of a sound is very particular and it cannot be matched, even by a similar sound produced by a different equipment.
  • Scales:- Scales came out as patterns in music which sensibly completes a music circle. A musical scale is made up of notes with a certain pattern to follow. For example, there are major scales in music which follows “Root Note-Tone-Tone-Semitone-Tone-Tone-Tone-Semitone” pattern. The last note of which again comes out to be the root note. There are a lot of other scales in music.
  • Consonance and Dissonance:- Pick a note on any musical instrument. There are a number of consonance and dissonance for a note within its own scales. Consonant notes sound complete when played together. Dissonant notes give a feeling of incompleteness.
  • Chord:- Chords can be defined as notes in a scale, which when played together, create a sensible sound. It can only be consonant notes or a combination of consonant and dissonant notes. For example, to play a major chord in any scale, you need to pick the first, third and fifth note from that scale. Play the selected notes together. You have got your chord.