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Morsings are also known as Jaw Harp. These instruments hold a very basic construction which includes a horseshoe bent iron rod with a straight pouting tongs. And there is another metal plate in between which creates sound when hit. These are quite famous in Indian roadshow artists. Especially in Rajasthani Folk and Carnatic Music. In Rajasthan, these instruments are played along with a Sarangi and Ektara. Carnatic Music Groups recruit a Morsing Player to create the environment, along with so many others instrumentalists.

To play a Morsing, you need to place the Morsing in the mouth and hold it with your left hand. Southpaws may do the reverse. And as you articulate the pitch from your mouth, choose a rhythm pattern to play with the right hand. The pitch created by your vocal cords become the pitch for the Morsing.

It is very likely for you to learn about Western Music Theory, at the time you learn any instrument. That’s because of universal acceptance of Western music theory and its applications on every instrument. You also may require learning a few terminologies, from one theory or the other.

Common Terms related to Drums and Percussive Instruments

  • Accents:- They are generally used to enhance the presence of a song by hitting a note harder than the rest, where the music requires. Accents are as important for creating grooves as they are for adding presence. They are very important for every instrument player as it polishes the quality of the music.
  • Bass comping:- In percussive instruments, there is only one rule, which is to not play the lowest frequency and the highest frequency strikes together. The rule is breakable in cases when one of the frequencies keeps playing constantly, and the other one is required to maintain the groove. Apart from that, try to practice bass note with every accent.
  • Click Track:- Now this is important. Click tracks are time signatures that are arranged in a pattern. They are designed to play for the entire length of the song.