Top 10 Network Service Providers in USA

Virtuous Reviews bring forth a list of top 10 network service providers in USA. You can choose the best-managed network services and support here in your area to get the best voice, data and internet solutions for your business.

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Popular Network Service Providers

A network service provider (NSP) is a business or organization that provides or sells services such as network access and bandwidth by providing direct Internet backbone access to the Internet and usually access to its network access points (NAPs). Network service providers are sometimes referred to as backbone providers or internet providers.

It is more like Internet services providers (ISPs). But, not all the ISPs and NSPs are similar. Network service providers generally provide backbone service to ISPs. Network service providers hold the top position in the whole hierarchy of world wide web i.e. Internet. The major task of these services is to provide backbone support to the ISPs.

A user that connects to the internet using a cable modem or maybe DSL modem, authenticated via Internet service provider and then connects with NSP backbone. The Internet is made up of several nodes and servers that are supported by Network service providers. So this is it! Was that hard on you?

Choosing a network service provider out of such a great number of services can be stressful and complicated for you if you are not that much aware of technicalities. Hence, We at Virtuous Reviews, provide you with a list of best NSPs operating online in USA. We release ranking trends every once in a while in order to include deserving and high performing companies only.

How to choose the best network service provider?

While considering a network service provider to get technical support and IT strategy for your business, you need to consider certain factors while making your decision because your business is unique and has special needs.

Here is what you have to look for-

  • Ensure that the provider offers comprehensive 24/7 support for your business and should be adequately staffed with the qualifies team members to support at the time crisis or disaster.
  • Your network service provider should employ world-class monitoring software to predict issues before they happen, and allow ample response time to avert even the smallest of issues.
  • We recommend you to choose flat-rate IT support instead of hourly arrangements. If you are in an hourly arrangement with your IT support provider, you know that costs are unpredictable and can get out of control.


  • A variety of fast, reliable and secure data transmission solutions, including MPLS private networks, metro Ethernet, and private lines, with flexible connectivity options
  • Provides Trusted network connectivity products and services and excellent customer service.
  • A Customizable suite of services is provided with competent technical personnel to assist you to run your Service operations or Enterprise networks.


  • Network services and solutions to help you achieve greater business value.
  • All service aspects in one place help you save time and provide simplification.