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Richter Studios


( 10 reviews )

Chicago, USA

Richter Studios is a video production, animation and photography studio based in Chicago’s gorgeous West Loop. Since 1997, we have managed almost 4,000 comprehensive productions, casted over 4,5 ... Read more

LYFTED MEDIA GROUP, LLC. was formed in 2017 by Industry Leading Drone Pilot and Aerial Media Consultant Jimmy Olivero. Jimmy brought together a diverse group of Aerial Cinematographers to satisfy the ... Read more

Commercial Media, LLC


( 4 reviews )

Cleveland, USA

Commercial Media is a Video Production Company & Creative Agency in Cleveland, Ohio that specializes in creating Web Videos & Television Advertisements. Having each of us come from a unique cr ... Read more

Cinematic Aerospace, Inc.


( 3 reviews )

New York, USA

UAS for aerial cinematography is a very recent development in the history of aviation. Our National Airspace System and many of the regulations that keep our skies safe were not developed with UAS in ... Read more

We are a family company—we live, work and play together, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Having these close relationships within our business has been to our advantage in an industr ... Read more

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Aerial Cinematography is a type of cinematography in which the cinematographers record videos of ground from some height or at some elevation. The aerial cinematography is done through certain platforms like a hot-air balloon, helicopter, fixed wing aircraft, etc. there are few methods which involve no human effort in the air like pictures from drones, pigeons, other birds, etc.

Aerial photography rapidly gained popularity during world war first as cameras were used to stick on the fighter planes to record the activities of foes. Now they are used in geographical surveys, movie productions, to plan the usage of land, and archaeology.

Even the drones are now capitalizing in the weddings and real estate business also as they provide the view from above which is often termed as Hawk-eye view and that view is indeed something to be excited about.

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