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American Photo Restoration


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Los Angeles, USA

Print out this form for each restoration order and mail it to us. All digital restoration's are one price, $39.00.

Englewood Camera is a family owned and operated business that has been around for over 60 years! We can assist anyone from beginners to professionals with their photographic needs.

Photo Restoration


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San Francisco, USA

Phyllis Nabhan opened Gaslight & Shadows Antiques on Clement St. in San Francisco, California in 1976. This friendly popular store now offers Photography Restoration.

399Retouch LLC


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Austin, USA

When we restore an old photograph, we remove scratches, tears and spots, correct color changes, fix fading, clean up dust spots. If you are asking, “Can anything be done with this photograph?&rd ... Read more

I have been restoring photos for over 15 years. I actually care about your old family photos and like to know about the people in them. After digitizing your photo and restoring it, I will email you a ... Read more

Digital Imaging Solutions is a local company although we have two locations we are not a “Chain” store. Our goal is to offer a quality product at a fair price. Our service is personalized ... Read more

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Restoration is a process by which the physically damaged photos can be retrieved back to life. The photos can get damaged by anything, there are so many parameters which affect a photograph such as age, any physical damage, actions of any person that led to any damage, environmental damages, etc, and even after all these damages the photo can be retrieved back as it was or as you want it to be.

Photo restoration is a digital process also which does not tamper the basic components of an image. It is digital that makes the copies of an image which could be infinite in number and once you have got your photo restored you will never need to get it again as long as you will have the digital copy.

By photo restoration, you can get the visible redundancy removed and it also enables to minimize the age effect. There are various techniques involved in this like image enhancement and image processing.

It also involves the picturisation of without any noise which is often referred as corrupt. It kills the effects of noise to yield the undistorted images.

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