Residential apartments for rent in USA

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Are you searching for a residential apartment to settle with your family? Your search is over! Browse over this online list of best residential apartments that are available for rent or sale at Virtuous Reviews. This list is designed with a conscious effort to provide the link to the best properties across the USA. Look into the high definition pictures of the apartment and have direct communication with the agent concern.

While we go for renting any apartment, there is the number of questions that come to our mind. Most of the people forget to ask important ones and finally after the apartment is finally yours, you are in vain. To avoid this crisis situation, we list here 7 important questions that one should ask before renting a residential apartment.

7 important questions to ask before you become the tenant of the residential apartment:

1. What are the lease terms?

Answer:- ideally one should know about the lease duration as soon as you decide to take the apartment. Make sure you know the exact day you can take the apartment and how many months the lease is applicable.

2. Any additional fees to be paid?

Answer:- some apartment requires you to pay a month rent in advance. You can ask about the security money and many such fees. Before taking an apartment, it is better to see the range of your pocket.

3. What’s the pet policy?

Answer:- If you have the pet or planning to have one, then make sure to ask about it. Many of them charge extra fees for pets and have the distinctive policy for them. Make sure you know all of them before hand.

4. What’s the guest policy?

Answer:- Some are lenient but it is better to ask because most of the people restrict guest after 2 weeks of stay.

5. What are all things included in the rent?

Answer:- rents usually have the combination with the utility charges like electricity, gas, water etc. It is better to know what all things are exactly included in a rent.

6. How will emergency repairs be done?

Answer:- make sure to ask how the emergency repairs can be done and in what duration. Either you will have to do it or the property manager will take care of it. If you want peace in your stay, these questions are really important.

7. How secure is the apartment?

Answers:- Make sure about the security parameters of the apartment such as watchman, CCTV, buzzer etc. If any of them is not there, think twice.


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