Top 10 Auto Dealership Software: Ratings and Reviews

Get the best auto dealership accounting solutions to change the way you drive your dealership. Here is the list of top 10 auto dealership accounting software to provide you with solutions that will help your business grow.

Automotive dealer accounting software allows dealers to easily and accurately track the numbers surrounding every facet of their business, and to also generate a number of standard and customized reports for greater financial visibility.

The auto dealership software are designed to provide everything which an individual need to build a customized program for the dealership job. Managing almost every task starting from making a transaction to manage the deals with clients. Thus, if you are running an automotive company and struggling with all the dealership and accounts, then this software can become your true companion. However, to help you to understand the aspects of auto dealership software, we have provided the best 10 software available over the internet.

Our leading business review platform, Virtuous Reviews is known for its unbiased, independent, consumer-driven reviews & ratings, which makes its contribution in stimulating and prompting the user’s buying decisions. Further, it proposes a free stage to compare competitive products, so that the user will be confident about the selected option. With our detailed reviews on different auto dealership accounting solutions, one will be able to find productive approaches in satisfying their requirements such as assurance and guarantee.

How to choose the best dealership accounting software?

You need to know these 5 things to make sure you purchase the right dealership management software to meet your needs:

Existing Technology

Knowing your existing technology will enable you to know whether the software products that you study can utilize your existing technology infrastructure or whether you will need to purchase additional or replacement hardware in addition to the new software.

Business Goals

What are you trying to accomplish by acquiring new software for your dealership and how does it relate to your overall goals of selling more cars or collecting more money? Knowing your expectations for the software you intend to purchase and, again, sharing that with the vendors you are looking at to possibly do business with will help achieve the proper solution to meet your needs and goals. Communicating and managing your expectations for your new dealership management software will help to make sure you get what you are looking for.

Businesses Processes

It is critical that you understand each step in that process to make sure that flow matches the flow of the process in each potential new software. It is difficult to change an ingrained process and get compliance from your staff to match a software that follows a different progression and your people will ‘fight’ the software and not be happy with it.


Once you have an assessment of your current technology, expectations for your new dealership software and a clear understanding of the flow of each sale or lease, you can begin to look at a budget for the project. This does not have to be very specific in the beginning. Every software has a different pricing structure depending upon their capabilities and features.

You may end up adjusting your budget several times as you find that more expensive, feature rich software may meet your needs, goals and processes better. Be aware that there should be two components to your budget. Most software has upfront or licensing costs and continuing expenses for support. You will find that high quality support will be instrumental in your success with a new product so don’t try to minimize the ongoing expenditure just to try to save money.

Time Frame

When do you want to have the new software operational? It is not common to buy a new dealership management system and have it operational in a short period of time. The new software must be installed on your system and configured to meet your needs. Your staff must be trained on its use. Often, there are specific forms for your state and your operation that must be programmed. This process can routinely take several weeks. If you are moving from one software to another, additional time is required to migrate your existing data. Depending on the number of accounts in your portfolio, this conversion process can add several weeks to the process. If your intention is to have your new DMS up and running by a certain date, make sure you leave enough time in your purchasing process for these critical steps.


  • Stock Management - Manage contracts, invoices, Vehicle Costing, floor plan, stock control and purchasing.
  • Unlimited Users - There is no restrictions with the number of users you can have.
  • Reports - A report overview of all your sold vehicles.
  • Regulatory Compliance - designed to comply with Office of Foreign Assets Control and Specially Designated Nationals regulations, automatically checking the individual against the terrorist list and for ID verification. It also supports compliance for state, county and city taxes, as well as any registration details.
  • Dealer & traditional financing - support both, managing payments from multiple parties and ownership types, reporting to credit bureaus, sending out automatic late fee reminders and repossessing the vehicle when/if necessary.
  • Repair order tracking - Managing service center repairs is an essential component for most dealers. Repair order tracking software can help manage job progress and efficiency.
  • Age policy settings This feature, a specific benefit for automotive dealerships, allows the user to set the age limit a vehicle can reach on the lot before it is marked down or moved to wholesale. It will issue automatic reminders, therefore supporting the movement of old inventory before its costs exceed the value in keeping it on the lot.
  • Warranty & service Car sales usually involve some kind of warranty, either standard or supplemental. Some systems will allow for the sale of service contracts, as well tracking service costs and managing parts inventory.


  • Flexible General Ledger - combines a flexible General Ledger facility with your dealership Inventory Management system. The general ledger is updated as you trade and update details in your inventory system so there is no need to enter data twice.
  • Comprehensive Accounting System - includes all the features of an off the shelf accounting system and more. Generate creditor payments, and send remittance advices, invoices, receipts and reports direct to email.
  • Chart of Accounts - Use the powerful and flexible chart of accounts to customize your general ledger. Track payables and receivables at the touch of a button. Up to date data and a cash system (not accrual) means you know exactly what inventory purchases and sales are outstanding at any time.
  • Save time - Ensures every transaction entered into the inventory system updates with your accounting system seamlessly, in real-time! Save time by entering data only once! It is then available immediately for accurate BAS, Banking and Inventory Reporting.
  • Complete Control - Put yourself in complete control of everything that matters in your business by tracking every expense dollar, calculate and update critical business data and get daily operations overview reports.
  • Advanced Invoicing - With the optional extra of Advanced Invoicing, you can edit and create invoices before selling vehicles. Perfect for arranging financial approvals.