Top 10 Manufacturing Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews presents the list of top 10 manufacturing accounting software. You can find the best solution for your manufacturing business to save time and work smarter and get long-term business benefits.

Manufacturing accounting software manages all of the financial transactions and operations for manufacturers.

For manufacturing, the primary focus always revolves around the shop floor. When it comes to other responsibilities, financial management takes the entire ground individually. The accounting solutions, whether it employed manufacturing or any other industry, it enhances the side of finances which enable you to focus on other things. This solution efficiently manages the expenses and keep track on all the accounting operations. Thus, if you are planning to buy a solution, then search the internet there are a number of companies that are offering quality accounting system. But which brand is the best or which solution will provide quality results? To help you with these questions, Virtuous Reviews and its professionals are researching to the extent.

Virtuous Reviews is a platform, which helps you to narrow your right option among various manufacturing accounting software. By handling an extensive database of unbiased and original reviews, our professionals’ helps you to take the best decision so that you the perfect experience with contract management software.

How to choose the best manufacturing accounting software?

No manufacturing company is too small for you to properly track its accounts. Of course, you'll need the right accounting software. There are plenty of packages available, so don't just buy the first one you see. Manufacturing accounting software will probably stay with you for the life of your business, so choose it wisely:

  • Research the available products - Read forums, ask friends and colleagues, find out what other businesses like yours are using.
  • Make sure it works for you - Choose accounting software that was created with input from manufacturers, so you know it'll handle your business needs.
  • Ensure it's scalable - You're starting small but you may not stay that way. Be sure to go for accounting software that will grow with you.
  • Aim for the cloud - Cloud-based accounting software will let you access your accounts from anywhere and should cost you less up-front, as well as reducing your IT support costs.


  • Empower your project/materials managers to better handle complex projects through integrated software and tools
  • See real-time snapshots of your financial status and lower your financial risks
  • Identify strategic business value in MTO/ETO manufacturing and project accounting software
  • Understand important business issues and manufacturing accounting software selection criteria for project-based manufacturing firms
  • Create billing records for cost plus, time & material, fixed fee, or other types of projects
  • Analyze budget vs. actual, estimate-to-completion, and forecast-to-completion
  • Forecast profitability and cash performance.
  • Advanced reporting: make decisions based on Unbilled or Actual Billed values
  • Executives and project managers analyze projects online on a real-time basis
  • Prove your manufacturing accounting software works with your data before you purchase!


  • Better cost control. Accounting systems for manufacturers give a much better view of costs due to the MRP integration, MES integration, and job costing functions. Increased information lets managers understand and control costs better.
  • Increased business visibility. Because the systems keep information at the job-cost level, managers have a view of costs and profits of all operations and can judge profitability at each level.
  • Better compliance reporting. Since these systems interface with systems throughout the firm, it serves as a convenient library for all of the compliance reports. This can significantly reduce the cost of preparing compliance documents for government agencies.