Top 10 Media & Newspaper Software: Ratings and Reviews

Here is the list of top 10 news and media accounting software. Discover the best media and  news accounting systems that can help business managers and owners gain greater awareness and accuracy for their financial books.

Specialized media and newspaper accounting software often merges with ad sales, scheduling, ratings, subscription management and other types of media or publishing technology features. Media and newspaper accounting software is meant to provide users with a seamless, integrated experience to record and analyze revenue flows for their entire business.

Accounting is the integral part of almost every industry and the system that manages all the finances operations also maintains a business’s ledger. While tracking incoming and outgoing transactions, the accounting system whether they are accessible in media or any other industry, it provides automates all the processes that are surrounded by accounts. On the basis of business requirements, the system works and make changes in its practices. With its impactful results, it becomes the asset for any organization. When it comes to buying a prominent accounting software for a media company, many people get confused as there are numerous brands available in the market. To help you with this task, the Virtuous Reviews a leading business review platform that helps the users in their buying decisions.

We focus on providing the quality information to the users. Based on our experience and in-depth research, our reviews contributes to the user’s informed decisions of buying and subscribing any software. Apart from this, the users can also share their valuable opinions at Virtuous Reviews, which helps us to evaluate the product.

How to choose the best media and news accounting software?

No one needs to tell you that with the growth of digital channels (MOBILE!), the business models for media and publishing industry companies are changing in a way we haven’t seen since the invention of the VCR. These changes can be particularly stressful if the organization is still relying on an inflexible generic accounting system, which can slow down the accounting phase, reducing staff efficiency and increasing costs.

While your financial department likely has and will always be a cost center for your business, the right accounting software can go a long way in reducing those costs and getting your accounting business out of the red and into the black.

When evaluating media, newspaper or other entertainment or publishing industry accounting systems, ask the following questions:

  • Is it designed specifically for your segment of the industry (i.e., TV or film; newspaper or magazine; content development or distribution)?
  • What is your primary source of revenue? Is this software designed to track payments for that type of source?
  • Do you want only accounting capabilities or more features to support business/content development/sales?
  • Do you want to integrate your software with your website?


  • Comprehensive digital campaign and project management - Manage the ins and outs of a media company. For example, integrate ad sales and placements, manage your trading partners and campaign data, classify data according to category and language (if necessary), know who’s working on which projects and re-assign them accordingly etc.
  • Ratings and performance evaluation - Enterprise and best-of-breed solutions will support the inclusion of Nielsen data, sales figures and distribution reports to support competitive analysis and ensure relevance in the marketplace.
  • Scheduling - Incorporate programming schedules, talent booking/media buys and even compare for clashes and competing programming.
  • Ad sales management - Supports ad sales by recording account information, media buys, billing and spot trades or make-goods.
  • Customer relationship management - Manage subscriptions and retail distribution. Store customer and distributor information like address, subscription history, and any interactions to support subscription renewals or expansion into related markets.
  • Automated web-based classified ads management - Helps create more efficient ads management and reduce the risk of errors associated with rekeying classified ads manually. Integrates your classified advertising system with your website, to route payments through accounting while ensuring ad copy goes directly to the classifieds department.


  • Manage all of your customers—subscribers and advertisers alike—in one, integrated cloud application
  • Seamlessly connects sales with back-office accounting, finance, and order management processes.
  • Gain complete visibility into your project, resources, finance to improve performance and support evolving business changes.
  • Simplify and accelerate both aspects of sales: selling insertion orders to advertisers and subscriptions to your readership.