Top 10 Mobile BI Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of Top 10 Mobile BI Software. Get the best business insights with the help of business intelligence mobile applications.

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Mobile BI is defined as the capability that enables the mobile workforce to gain business insights through information analysis using applications optimized for mobile devices.

There is absolutely no professional aspect that is untouched with the use of mobiles. Business Intelligence also works better and more coherently by the use of mobile devices. It offers not only convenience but great opportunities and less risk of data leak. It is the fastest way to resolve issues and make important decisions.

The colleagues can contact each other anytime and anywhere, they can easily know the progress and can ask for help from one another. Mobile software is available in two formats- web-based and app-based. Web-based software is accessed in the same way as desktops are used; through browsers. But more advanced form is the app. Apps are today and tomorrow of mobile BI. The information access is more direct and the interference is one of a kind. The only thing to decide is the authority as who can access which part of the business plans. One application needs to be used by a great number of users with their credentials, which raises the need of in-house IT team.

We have assembled only the top mobile BI software to help you in making a savvy choice. Based on your requisite and business size, go for the best fit software.

How to select the best mobile BI?

Is mobile experience a good fit for your audience?

Whether your needs are for a few or many, BI platform provides an easy-to-use interactive experience, allowing users to not only consume information but to analyse it on the fly. The touch-optimized user interface supports point, click, and swipe actions, making it easy to drill, slice, pivot, map, and apply calculations on any mobile device.

Is it manageable for IT?

IT administrators expect to be able to easily provision mobile licenses to users by application, by a device, or by device type. They want the ability to grant permissions to specific reports or dashboards, several folders, or everything to a mobile device, depending on the need. Security and permission levels should persist all the way through to the data sources, and for increased security, data should never be saved on the mobile device.

Will it work on all devices?

You’ll want to be sure that your BI information is accessible from multiple mobile devices. BI Office provides mobile access using native applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Since the experience is unified, you will see the same user interface across all mobile applications.

Is it easy to create content for your mobile BI?

Having an interface that’s easy to use amongst your workforce is vital. Your employees need to easily create and deploy reports and dashboards without having to rely on your IT department.

Will it scale and integrate well?

Mobility is an important strategy and mobile services are therefore integrated as a fundamental part of the product. This means that BI Office’s mobile applications are easily scalable to support thousands of users within your architecture, and there is no additional hardware or software needed to run mobile. It integrates with your organization’s active directory natively, leveraging your existing investment.


  • It delivers a user experience that uniquely meets each individual’s needs by supporting all the different styles of analytics.
  • Reach better decisions faster and maximize user adoption.
  • Adaptive User Experience; now everyone can work with data their way.


  • Simplified analytics for mobile - One benefit of mobile BI is that, by design, the shape and size of smartphones and tablets lend themselves to simplified, visual analytics.
  • Increased collaboration - All business intelligence platforms are cloud-based, which means access from anywhere on any device. Mobile business intelligence translates directly to increased collaboration.
  • Access for all, or none - Mobile BI allows for permanent, intermediary, or temporary access to as many people in your company as you like, from high up to the front line, and from detailed data to reports only.