Top 10 UCaas Providers: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of Top 10 UCaaS providers in the world. The best-unified communication providers hosts unified communications to provide cloud services to its users.

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Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a delivery model in which a variety of communication and collaboration applications and services are outsourced to a third-party provider and delivered over an IP network, usually the public Internet.

With the growth and development of any company, many other things and demands come in handy. For example- When an organisation is branching out, it requires more sophisticated and advanced technologies. Its geographical dispersion will need better tools to maintain a consistency across a network and uphold an efficient communication channel.

Due to this reason, many UCaaS providing companies have turned their attention toward this segment of the market. They have developed a wide range of services which address the needs and requirements of all businesses. Online meetings and telephonic or video conferencing have become quite common in the meetings these days because of the evolution of this software. UCaaS software usually comprises a variety of communication and collaboration application which are delivered over an IP network.

Because of its various advantages, our team at Virtuous Reviews have reviewed the finest of the software which is present in the market. All the recommended software are known for providing a high level of availability as well as flexibility and scalability for core business tasks. If you are planning to expand your business and reach new heights, do have a look at the list.

How to choose the best UCaaS provider?

Eliminates front-loaded capital costs

Look for a UCaaS which clears per-user costs, which simplifies the service you offer your organisation, and the consistent and predictable costs of UCaaS reduces repeated trips to the CFO’s office in search of additional budget for capital intensive projects.

Standard suite of UC offerings

While UCaaS typically consist of a standard set of offerings, you should look for an offering that doesn’t require all users to be at the same level. The flexibility, along with the ability to add additional features to meet specific needs, ensures that you’re delivering a service that’s valued by the organisation.

Availability of hybrid models

UCaaS offerings that allow you to blend both on and off-premise components offer the most flexibility and often satisfy cloud critic’s concerns about resiliency and reliability. Also, under the right circumstances, a hybrid approach could also allow you to leverage existing hardware, thus extending the life of previous investments.

Broad service offerings

When researching your decision to implement UCaaS, you will notice the long list of providers who support UC services. The provider you choose will be critical, as they will play an active role in deployment and support of your system. So when it comes to support, the provider you choose should offer local assistance that is available to you for installation and ongoing onsite support.


  • Built for business - For your business, UCaaS is smart money. It's a pay as you go model that shifts Capex to Opex. You will have simplified and predictable expenses and have the option of rolling any upfront or one-off expenses into your monthly payment.
  • Comprehensive Support - UCaaS providers are on hand with tech support, management tools and in-depth advice across your opted services.
  • Expert advice - Get the right advice regarding UCaaS from a professional team of Business Specialists and Industry Experts.


  • No upfront expenses - UCaaS shifts a business’s cost of designing solutions in an increasing complex space to an experienced service provider. Leased phones and equipment allow companies to adopt new technologies and set up shop in new locations without worrying about features becoming outdated.
  • Reduced operating costs - Shared data centres deliver PBX service more efficiently than onsite infrastructure. The company does not have to find Rackspace, pay energy bills or configure and manage connections.
  • Smart use of staff resources - Manpower’s annual Talent Shortage survey confirms that engineers and technicians are among the hardest jobs to fill. Managed services have hard-to-recruit IT staff on hand and ready to devote to mission-critical initiatives.
  • Scalable provisioning - Companies can start small, deploy and move resources where they’re needed, pull back once a project wraps up or add features as needs change.