Top 10 General Contractor Software: Ratings and Reviews

Explore the list of top 10 general contractor software to find the right solution for your business. You can find the best general contractor software to cut down on the time spent estimating and make sure every bid awarded is accurate, not overcharged, or low-balled.

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Software for general contractors is designed to meet the demands of their unique workflow and business processes. General contractors have many roles and often oversee all phases of a building project from pre-construction to ongoing maintenance and repairs after completion. They need a system to support them through the entire contracting process and at the same time help manage their business.

Our team at Virtuous Reviews is well aware that general contractors have many roles and often they have to see all stages of a building project from preconstruction to present maintenance and repairs after completion. They need an efficient system to support them through the entire contracting process and at the same time help manage their business. Hence looking into these aspects we have rated and reviewed those general contractor software which are useful in every process.

The alternatives or the options provided by our team here at Virtuous Reviews are those systems which do not focus on any one feature. Instead, they are a bundle of massive facilities so that the user meets all his requirements at the same place. So, if you are a general contractor and have a lot of responsibilities then carry out each and every process in an intelligent way by going through our list of software.

How to choose the right General Contractor Software?

There are dozens of top-rated software for contractors, and each varies tremendously in price, features and target company size. When selecting your system, ask the following questions:

  • What features are you looking for? A fully integrated suite is a very different product than a best-of-breed estimating and takeoff system.
  • Where are your pain points as a company? If you can identify inefficiencies across your operation, you can be sure that your new software system is able to fully remedy or at least address these issues.
  • What size is your company? Since most construction programs are geared toward companies of a very specific size-range, this should be one of the first questions to ask before delving too deep into the features.
  • What size will your company be in a couple years? In other words, do you plan on scaling your business? If so, you’ll need a software system that can work for you now and also grow with your business.
  • Does the system integrate with any of your existing accounting, CRM, ordering, estimating or other systems?


  • Reading Blueprints / Plans - provides you  the best, most powerful plan viewing, and markup software on the market. With the software, your project management and labor teams are able to view, organize, share, and annotate plans with ease and efficiency.
  • Keeping everyone informed - Effective communication between all parties involved with the construction project is vital and converges on the general contractor. The products are designed to help improve communication between the architect, general contractor, and subcontractors.
  • Ordering & Managing Material - The general contractor is usually the one responsible for obtaining materials for the project. With the Software, bids can be quickly broken down by the general contractor to create material stocking lists for specific floors, zones, or selected scope.
  • Communicating & Estimating Change Orders - A project will easily encounter one dozen or even one hundred change orders. The software allows you to quickly identify and estimate the labor and material costs. Each change order is effectively organized and can instantly be pushed out to the teams in the field.


  • Easy Estimating - Be competitive, save time, and win more work by using the products to produce takeoffs, estimates, and proposals. Right-fit features are designed for general contractors in residential and commercial construction, concrete, masonry contractors and other specialty trades - plus earthwork and excavating contractors.
  • Digital Takeoffs - gives you the flexibility to perform takeoffs using electronic or paper plans.
  • Profitable Project Management - Save time, increase accuracy, and manage with current information to stay on top of every project from anywhere.
  • Detailed Cost Estimates - Use general contractor estimating software to create a customized view of your most important information; perform quick, on-screen estimate analysis; and automatically add markups to ensure an accurate estimate.