Top 10 Project Management Software: Ratings and Reviews

Here is the list of top 10 Project management software ranked by Virtuous Reviews. Get free trial on best ppm applications and project scheduling software. These task management software serve various businesses across the world.

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Scottsdale, United States

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What is a Project Management software?

Virtuous Reviews offers you the unbiased reviews and ratings, to provide an insight on top 10 project management programs. Project management is believed to be an essential part of any project which includes a number of activities such as initiation, planning, implementation, completion and assessment of the project. It is considered as a distinct operation as compared to the daily workflow processes which track all the characteristic related to a project such as the set of resources, scope of project and end goal. The project management software is integrated with various tools and proficiencies to consolidate all the tasks associated with a project. Document management, task management, resource management are the other important aspects of project management mechanism. For project managers, there are a number of applications available over the internet, but they don’t know how to find out the best one? To help you with such tasks, Virtuous Reviews and its professionals are working dedicatedly.

Virtuous Reviews is a review platform, which provides impartial reviews on different business categories and project management, plays the part of one of the sub-categories. With our independent, real and unbiased reviews and ratings, our users get transparency, while evaluating different products. By bringing the mutual power of trusted peers to the forefront, we at Virtuous Reviews contribute in inspiring and triggering the buying decisions.

Importance of Project Management software:-

Project management software embraces a number of features such as scheduling, quality management, report generation and tracking process. This software can dynamically improve the performance of any project. It helps contractors manage projects from starting to conclusion. Resource assignment is one of the important parts of project management. It includes work resources and material resources. The assignment of project to different resources has been made easier than before by  project management software. Moreover, through tracking we can also determine the date on which the project will be completed. It generates timely reports of use of resources, completion of work, completion time etc.


  • Scheduling - Schedule a project from input to the conclusion.
  • Resource assignments- Create an association between the resources and specific tasks.
  • Tracking- The date of completion can be determined by tracking feature.
  • Shared team calendar- A calendar which is shared among all the contributors synchronizes with popular calendar tools. It ensures that everyone receives notifications for a meeting or some other task.
  • File sharing- A file is shared among all the team members in which they allowed to insert any important information.
  • And many more.


  • Collaborate on projects - It allows you to share information on shared documents for easy collaboration.
  • Scheduling - It enables easy scheduling throughout the processing towards completion.
  • Track projects - It ensures easy tracking so that you might not miss minute tasks.
  • Easy communication - It allows you to share and collaborate with vendors as well as clients to review progress.
  • And many more.