Top 10 Channel Management Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you the list of world’s highly rated top 10 Channel Management Software. These contact management software all you to analyze competitor rate through real-time and keeps you up to date with current market policies, allowing you to update and manage your inventory, business, project, client, order processing, resources, knowledge, task and videos using multi channel. Also it facilitates you to identify problems before they arise and provide visibility for better decisions

Channel Management software has become a key component for distribution and revenue management and therefore selecting the best solution is of great importance these days.

To help you find the best solution for channel management, the skilled team at Virtuous Reviews have created a list of finest software that only the best of breed solutions will be able to provide. After evaluating various software on the basis of their pros and cons, we have included only the best ones with important features and components while creating this list.

A perfect channel management software enables management to emphasis on mounting business more, contrasting to exclusively supporting everyday operations. Therefore, go through the list and select the best option which will match up with your requirements very closely.

How does Channel Management Software works?

In order to get optimal results, companies uses channel management software and tools which can span all the challenges and perform various management tasks such as:

  • Channel Data Management
  • Collaboration
  • Channel Business Intelligence
  • Integration with CRM and other enterprise systems


  • Channel manager facilitates organizing and tracking assets and business processes in a much easier way.
  • The integrated solutions of the software provides increased revenue as well as improved performance, while having access to the global and local channels as well.
  • Automatic update makes sure that you are always in sync through various channels.


  • Partner Control Panel - It enables you to quickly customize partner relationship using simple controls by setting credit limits, portals, margins, etc.
  • Global Controls - It allows you to set policies globally and that too in real-time and quickly implement market actions across many regions
  • Channel Visibility and control - Centralized automated process allows you to quickly add, update and track order processing.