Top 10 Customer Engagement Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of top 10 highly rated Customer Engagement Software from all around the world. Customer Experience Management helps you to grow your business with social media engagement at the right time with right customer intelligence at right place.

Staying aligned with the needs and expectations of today's customer is a perplexing task for organizations irrespective of its size. That's why organizations are turning to different software to implement repeatable, consistent strategies for customer engagement.

The skilled employees at Virtuous Reviews focuses on helping organizations finding, catching and retaining good customers for as long as possible by referring them various customer engagement software.  After properly understanding the requirements of the customers as well as the organisations, this list has been created to help companies in taking this important decision.

Studies have shown that retaining a current customer is several times more expensive than acquiring a new customer. With our fully evaluated list, you can create the ultimate Omni channel customer experience. Hence, give it a try by referring to it before making any final decision for your software and provide your customer with personalized experiences.

How does customer engagement software helps?

  • Customer engagement software is the easiest and the fastest way to provide the best customer service to the customers. They are easy to try, buy and implement.
  • The unique approaches these systems use make the customers engage more in your services.
  • Customer support software integrates the customer with sales, support, service, and easy access.


  • In order to understand the needs and expectations of customers
  • To uncover factors which encourage customer involvement
  • To identify risk and to implement proper measures to prevent client defection
  • In order to reduce churn, enhance retention and identify all sell opportunities
  • Increase brand loyalty as well as company reputation


  • Gather feedback on existing product
  • Conduct quarterly or semi-annual customer survey
  • Make more revenue using upgrades or cross sells
  • Display a reminder message to users to inform past-due invoices to pay