E-Signature Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews brings forth the list of E-signature software, which allows the users with ability to collect signatures on the documents which has been shared electronically, removing the requirement for the physical documents to mark the signatures. E-signature software also allow distribution of the legally sensitive documents for electronic signatures.

What is E-Signature?

An electronic signature, abbreviated as e-signature, implies to the data in an electronic form, which has been logically associated with some other data in the electronic form and which has been used especially by the signatory to mark the sign. This kind type of signature offers the same kind of legal standing as similar as a handwritten signature and as long as it adheres the needs of the particular regulation it was made under. Tremendously rising of the use of digital signatures usually used mostly in the e-commerce world and in regulatory filings so that they can implement the electronic signature majorly in the cryptographically protected way.


  • It allows the signatory to be uniquely identified and also to be linked to the signature
  • Save money as well as the environment
  • Allows you to enhance customer relationships


  • Encrypts and secure the communications among the users
  • Track down the document status and notify users when required
  • Enable users to define permission rights both internally and for external users too