Top 10 Help Desk Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of top 10 Help Desk Software from all over the world. These are the best services desk software which is completely web-based customer support and open source software. It provides not only ticketing software but also great customer support experiences.

The most important thing that is needed desperately in any organisation is comprehensive and timely customer care. Help desk software of customer relationship management is a fully equipped tool which take care of all customer related activities and requests from a centralized location.

Help desk software recommended by Virtuous Reviews not only provide your customers a way to submit and update their online requests, but host a knowledge base, an idea exchange and a forum for them as well. These software also improves the total speed and excellence of internal support operations by enhancing the labors of your help desk staff and providing broad process computerization. These software are vital for information base management and customer support automation over the Internet.

The options suggested by Virtuous Reviews are accessible enough to cultivate with your business needs. Hence, simply log onto our website and get aware about different assimilated helpdesk portal to cope up all of your customer care queries and keep customer relations under an improved shape.

How does Help desk Software works?

  • A user send a ticket to the web-based help desk software  either with the help of the web-interface or by sending an email.
  • Helpdesk team is notified of a latest ticket by email or any other notifications.
  • Technician takes over the ticket.
  • The technician and the user cooperate either by posting replies and updates the ticket or by attaching files.
  • All this is completed by using the online help desk's web-interface or by mobile app.
  • The ticket is posted to the knowledge-base. The article could be edited, if required.


  • Helpdesk software effectively manages pre and post sale problems both online as well as offline.
  • The helpdesk software makes sure that business provides 24/7 customer support services and enables self-help functions that customers can take benefit off.
  • A business could automate numerous processes such as maintaining a database, stock records, movement of goods, etc.
  • The helpdesk software enhances effectiveness of employees by offering physical as well as technical data on tab.
  • It aid companies by identifying problem areas and finding way out, thus, increasing business efficiency.


  • Web-based - Easily reachable from anywhere only with a browser, works on smart phones, PDAs, laptops, and other touch devices.
  • Asset management - Track your assets and assign assets to users at different locations.
  • Email-integration - The help desk supervise your support mailbox and change emails to tickets, sends out replies and notifications.