Top 10 Knowledge Management Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with world’s highly rated top 10 Knowledge Management Software. These knowledge base software allows you to share information with employees, customers and partners and offers you the perfect solution for capturing, sharing, and succeeding with shared knowledge.

Knowledge management consist of many things which may be a simple usable checklists or complex context-sensitive and case-based tool sets. Other than this, the other important information which is very essential for an organisation is the basic list of contact details, account numbers or simple spreadsheets.

But what matters the most is the availability of that information and a good design which can enable people to use it on a continuous basis in the best possible way. Knowledge management software contains a series of software that concentrates in the way material is collected, stored and/or accessed. This software can be used for a variety of purposes by an individual or a business.

The benefits of this software are limitless and can dramatically increase the performance and productivity in the workings of a company. A good knowledge management software permits a business to store and further share its knowledge with its staffs and provide the means to work in a more collaborative environment. The software recommended by Virtuous Reviews have been listed after a deep evaluation. Hence, instead of going for long searches or trawling through long lists of options, check out the much sorted reviews and recommendations by us for a better shaped action.

How does Knowledge Management work?

Knowledge Management work easily in every industrial and nonindustrial settings since it is people-based, and people are the same who work in. Knowledge Management has been work in

  • non-governmental organizations,
  • manufacturing
  • service industries
  • insurance
  • Legal
  • financial industries
  • Military
  • pharmaceuticals
  • local government
  • oil and gas
  • and many more.


  • Easier updates of files as well as reusability of resources, online training content saves valuable server space and allow for customized views with various online content for each department.
  • Different access rights allow the management to have better control over who has access to what.
  • Social media platform serve as a bulletin board for company-related announcements such as, new hires, job openings and other incentives and provides a sense of belonging. Hence, increase loyalty of the employees.


  • It allows user to ask queries and get answers from both internal experts or from outside sources by links to videos, articles or any other content.
  • Document management provides ability to store information, processes and procedures in a classic way
  • Also, facilitates one to quickly and easily search information in documents, forums, etc
  • Social features help to contact with the relevant people with the relevant skills to share and grow knowledge.