Search Marketing Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides the list of top 10 Search marketing Software that exposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors. Choose the best Search Marketing Software that helps in increasing traffic and higher organic marketing ROI.

Search marketing software can be used by businesses to improve the ranking of their websites in search engine results without paying for placement. Organic search marketing platforms offer keyword analysis, trend analysis, and backlink tracking features to boost a website’s search outcome. Companies can use the software to attract the attention of potential customers to their website and become more competitive by allocating and using their resources more effectively. Many apps also enable users to analyze their competition as well as industry data, and develop best practices for marketing. Top features of search marketing software include conversion indicators, ad placement, analysis of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and search advertising and paid search optimization tools.


  • Back Link Tools - These tools help you create additional link backs to your website and understand what your current link backs are and how they are affecting your search engine optimization.
  • On Page Analysis - The feature makes it possible to examine your URL based on the targeted keywords, and to use an advanced set of metrics to validate the quality of your content and help search engines detect it much faster.
  • Site Audits - Site audits help to identify potential problems search crawlers may have with your website, and correct them on time in order to improve your ranking position.
  • Local Marketing - provide a set of local marketing features which help you manage listing in various local search engines, as for instance Bing Local, Local, and Google+.
  • Keyword Analysis - The feature helps you find useful targeted keywords to attract more traffic to your website, and avoid such that would compromise Google’s interest to feature your content.
  • SERP Rank Tracking - Track the organic rank for your targeted keywords, but it also offers detailed historical reports for your overall appearance on search engines. As such, the tool helps you detect and follow trends, and eliminate vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
  • Competitive Comparisons.


  • Conduct research on competitors’ keywords and strategies, and examine those to develop the best strategy for themselves.
  • Get insightful reports on website ranking and performance.
  • Optimize website(s) to perform well on the search engine result page (SERP).
  • Research suitable keywords to target for search marketing efforts.
  • Stay updated on changes in search engine algorithm.