Top 10 Small Business CRM Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of top 10 Small Business CRM Software across the world. Small Business CRM software offers various CRM tools and web-based packages to help small businesses  to manage and track their clients relationships and record customer interactions, sales and notes in a customer database.

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CRM software can be very useful for the management and development of your small size or mid-sized business. The different variety of CRM software includes a robust CRM software solution, a simple one designed for very small businesses or a free version to fit your budget. Hence, in every condition there's a CRM software choice available for you.

These software will allow users to manage an unlimited number of contacts, track sales deals, manage tasks and events, harvest Web leads and track performance with reporting. You can build marketing campaigns and send emails and newsletters directly from your CRM system. There’s no requirement for a distinct email service since everything you need is in one place!

Our proficient staff at Virtuous Reviews have researched and reviewed an extensive collection of CRM software products. We've put together a list of CRM software in order to help you pick what we believe are the best for you.  Designed explicitly for small and medium sized businesses, or units of larger companies, our listed CRM software needs no expert acquaintance and staff can be trained in minutes. It’s so easy to use that your staff will actually love it!

How does Small Business CRM work?

Information flow is undeniably a significant part of the small business process and it generally goes this way –

  • Customers provides objective criticisms using various channels either online or offline.
  • If customer go for an online method, then information is keeping monitored as well as tracked in the CRM system so that customers achieve access to useful data and information. But if customer go for an offline channel, then information is fed directly into the system. These online and offline methods determine the positive or negative experiences of the customers.
  • CRM system provides automated collection and analysis tools which is also a significant process to do.
  • Department will then decide about what to respond and how to respond. Generally, social CRM is categorized under public response.
  • Once the department has approved the response the it will go into the CRM system so that the final process with information is done.


  • Manage Contacts - In a small business, manpower shortage escalates the problem. CRM software tracks all sales as well as marketing activities at one place and alerts about when to pay attention.
  • Timely Follow Up - CRM software eliminates the problem of follow-up on time. CRM software automates follow-up through timely emails as well as reminders for sales team.
  • Automation - CRM software take better care of administrative tasks, maintain records and make follow-up contacts. You get much time for activities that holds the most impact, and offers you with the meeting with clients those who are ready to buy.
  • Get More for Your Money - CRM software will extend your budget and offers a great ROI. allows you to navigate past the competition at much higher profit margin.


  • Social Media Integration - Social media can let you know what types of content audience enjoy, what types of products satisfied them, and keep you updated which could help you to develop great bond with customer.
  • Robust Project Management - CRM platform provides you to develop several marketing events also offers ability to monitor and track those events.
  • Versatile Access - CRM provides you access through mobile devices which is important for anyone working your company’s trade.