Top 10 Web Conferencing Software: Ratings and Reviews

Here is a list of top 10 web conferencing software you need to improve your communication and be productive. You can find the best web conferencing programs to host online meetings and video conferencing.

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Web conferencing allows users to conduct business meetings and seminars, lead presentations, provide online education and offer direct customer support via remote keyboard mouse control. Control of the session can be passed among users, so any attendee can act as the main presenter.

Web Conferencing provides a face to face interaction with your customers or clients and what can be more effective than that. Various software providing this service also have the facility of online meeting and desktop sharing. As the world is evolving so is the technology and today we are here to meet our overseas clients right on our screens.

But what if the software you are using is giving you troubles in connecting? All your meetings and online conferences are spoiled and it also affects your customers. So Virtuous Reviews takes in whole responsibility to rise you above all these glitches by showing you a glimpse of the ratings and reviews of the most reputed web conferencing software.

Web conferencing software should be a perfect blend of providing additional features like online presentation facility, virtual events accessible from any platform, and instant messaging. Virtuous Reviews takes care of all the specifications and then only lists the software. So if you have to deliver any presentation or solve the query of your client then opt for a good web conferencing system listed by us.

How to choose the best web conferencing software?

It's important to consider all of your needs before you begin trying to choose a web conferencing provider.

  • The first step when seeking the best web conferencing software is to look internally to find out what your needs are from a software package.  If you have not done a webinar before, you will want to get some assistance from someone who knows what options are out there, and what they should cost, and how they could meet your needs.  Someone within your company may or may not have that knowledge, but do not skip this step.  If you do not know your needs, you can’t choose the best web conferencing software for you.
  • Compare Vendors -  finding the best web conferencing software is a matter of doing a proper web conferencing comparison of what providers have to offer based on the features you need. There are so many web conferencing providers, it is important you pick one you are comfortable with.  Make sure the company has the service to back up its web conferencing software.
  • Finally, cost becomes a concern when looking for the best web conferencing software for your company.  No matter how great it is, if you can’t afford it, do not overextend to get the coolest web conferencing services.  Many providers allow for customization as well, and this is a nice way to get the features most important to you.  This is also a good place to hunt for value.  Make sure you can try the web conferencing software before you buy it.


  • Web conferencing services are designed to be easy to schedule and conduct.
  • All-in-one web conferencing solutions to help you facilitate more engaging, productive and collaborative meetings.
  • Provide interactive tools, such as screen sharing, desktop sharing, and document sharing, to allow participants to communicate, interact and share information


  • The simplest, most reliable, and most affordable web conferencing solutions available.
  • Improved communication - As a team you can plan, set goals, and develop solutions without anyone being out of the loop.
  • You can easily hold events and demos. Your clients will be able to interact, ask questions, and even test the item while in the meeting with you.