Application Data Management Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews offers a list of Application data management software which related to Master data management (MDM), which allows you to manage all the vital data from multiple applications, by linking to master data file. And usually concerned with the most significant entities like people, things, places, and concepts.

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What is Application Data Management?

Application Data Management is the process of development and execution of the architectures, policies, and methods which properly manage the full data lifecycle requirements of the enterprise.

Application Data Management often known as ADM, brings new life cycle approach which allows to manage the data growth. It is basically a combination of processes as well as technologies which manage business transactions when the transactions are created till the are not needed anymore.


  • Application performance and stability - By relocating the inactive transactions from production environment
  • Lower server and storage costs - ADM extends life of current server and storage infrastructure investments, and also reduces the costs for DR/BC initiatives
  • Automated regulatory compliance - By enforcing the corporate-wide data retention policies for online as well as long-term archives.


  • ADM offers the ability to define access, and service level requirements for specific business transaction at various points in lifecycle.
  • Allows to monitor or forecast the application data growth and refine data retention policies, which is used to relocate historical transactions, and to make the subsets of production environment.
  • It also allows to hold the latest innovations in the storage technologies.