Application Servers Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews has provided you with the wide range of Application Servers which offers two-dimensional charts so that you can compare the products based on user satisfaction ratings. You can also filter the data by size of the company, since small businesses and enterprises could have dissimilar needs.

What is Application Server?

An Application Server basically offers the services and infrastructure for different phases such as developing, deploying, and running the applications.

Application servers are the server programs in a distributed network which offers the business logic for application programs. They are the middle tier in a three-tier architecture. In three-tier architecture, application tier sits between presentation tier that displays the information related to the available services on a website. Data stored here is kept independent from that of the application servers.


  • Any changes to application configuration has seem to take place centrally such as system settings and database error.
  • Central point by which the service-provider manage the access to data is counted as security advantages.
  •  Any upgrades and updates could be guaranteed by centralizing business logic over server machines or single server.


  • Provides the ease in downloading and installing
  • Offers support for different programming environments as well as IDEs
  • It allows simultaneous support for various applications available.