Business Rules Management Systems Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews brings forth the list of best Business Rules Management Systems, which is used to define and automate the deployment of business protocols, policies and needs to be used. The BRMS also contains a repository for retaining decision logic.

What is Business Rules Management Systems?

A BRMS often known as Business Rule Management System is basically a software system which is being used to define, execute, track and maintain the different variety and complexity of the decision logic which is used by the operational systems within enterprise. This logicor the business rules, involves all the business policies, needs as well as the conditional statements which is being used to decide the tactical actions which takes place in the applications or systems.


  • Enhanced efficiency of processes by improved decision automation.
  • Provides ability to express decision logic through enhanced precision, by business vocabulary syntax as well as graphical rule representations
  • Enhanced the control on implemented decision logic for better business management.


  • Allow you to reuse the business rules across different applications.
  • Allows you to create test scenarios easily so that you can test one or more rules separately.
  • Provides faster response to alter with cascading time during the application lifecycle.