Change and Configuration Management Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews allows you to go through all the best Change and configuration management software which automates a subset of IT software asset management, offering teams to control by making sure the compliance through automated patching, policy enforcement, which somehow allows to reduce costs.

What is Change and Configuration Management Software?

Software configuration management is often called as SCM or S/W CM, it allows to perform task to track and control several changes in the software. SCM practices involves the revision control as well as the establishment of the baselines. If anything goes wrong, SCM can decide what was altered and who had modified it. If a configuration works well, SCM can also decide how to replicate it through different hosts.


  • It makes provisioning quicker and efficiently since it enables tedious works to be performed faster and accurately.
  • It allows to have quick Recovery from the Critical Events.
  • Configuration management allows you to effectively make a multistage ecosystem, along with the production, development, and testing servers.


  • Every tool within it offers specific syntax and a set of qualities which you can use for writing the provisioning scripts.
  • Configuration management tools helps in keeping the track of the state of resources to remove repeating the tasks which has already been executed before.
  • Most of the tools will provide methods in which you could easily reuse or share your provisioning setup as the modules.