Cloud Brokers Software Reviews

Virtuous has bring forth the list of best cloud brokers, with the explosion of the cloud technology, it comprises both public as well as private clouds, regular management of cloud service to keep up the demands for new service provisioning and collaboration of cloud applications with one another. Cloud brokers basically acts as mediators among cloud service providers and enterprises

What is Cloud Brokers?

Cloud Broker is basically nothing but an entity which manages the use, performance as well as delivery of cloud services, and also negotiates the relationships among cloud providers and cloud consumers. It also the integrates the cloud services so that consumers can manage them all alone. Cloud consumer could also request cloud services through a cloud broker, rather than contacting directly to the cloud provider.


  • Cloud interoperability: it  provides integration among various cloud offerings.
  • Cloud portability: it allows to Move application among several cloud vendors.
  • It also enhances business continuity by decreasing the dependency from one cloud provider.


  • It allows provision of security to make sure corporate data is not compromised
  • It offers identity management services to efficiently manage user credentials.