Configuration Management Databases Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews has bring forth the list of best Configuration Management Databases, which usually describe how system which comprises IT assets are structured and how it is being composed. These records are then used in analyses, or in the event a system required to be reconstructed.

What is Configuration Management Databases?

A configuration management database (CMDB) is basically a repository which is as similar as the data warehouse for information technology installations. It gets all the data related to the collection of IT assets and also the descriptive relationships among those assets.

In other words, Configuration Management Database contains all the necessary information about components of information system which is being used in the IT services of organization and relationships among those components.


  • Enhanced control of IT asset tracking software
  • Improved system reliability by rapid detection or correction of improper configurations
  • Improves the management of complex system


  • It provides cost reduction solutions as it already have the detailed knowledge about elements of the configuration
  • Offers faster problem resolution and thus, able to give better quality of service.
  • Enables efficient change management since it knows what the structure was before.