Data Center Power Solutions Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews has bring forth the list of best Data center power solutions which aims mainly at providing continual power to the data center, along with the software to offer oversight or control to the electrical as well as power distribution infrastructure.

What is Data Center Power Solutions?

With the growth of the enterprise and IT equipment, they have become closely linked that planning as well as building a high performance data room, both is now one of the most critical issues for IT managers.

Any power failure could leave a devastating impact on computers, communications or data, which may results in expensive downtime. While long term operational cost is significant, the overall system should also be considered in the context of power requirements, it is in fact important that loads remain securely protected from electricity problems. To prevent customer’s investments in power supply chain equipment Data Center Power Solutions provides a great help.


  • It captures the power usage as time or energy usage over a fixed period of time.
  • Aggregation, reporting as well, at each levels within the data center.
  • It calculate price to power a rack, per day or over fixed interval of time.


  • It tracks and measure energy consumption expenses
  • Recognizes the costs to simplify power as well as cooling capacity planning.
  • It offers the ability to set maximum power usage alerts to make them stay within budget