Data Center Virtualization Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews has provides you the list of top Datacenter virtualization software, which is basically a data center where every infrastructure has been virtualized, and managed automatically by policy driven processes.

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What is Data Center Virtualization Software?

Data center virtualization is basically a process of designing, developing as well as deploying the data center on virtualization or cloud computing technologies.

It primarily allows the virtualizing physical servers in the data center facility with storage, networking or infrastructure devices and equipment. Data center virtualization generally produces virtualized, cloud and collocated virtual or cloud based data center.


  • It provides easy virtual machine migration.
  • By using virtualized servers, data centers can be decoupled from hardware which can fail and make a server offline
  • Virtualization allows elastic capacity to offer systems at a moment's notice.


  • Data centers consolidates the server needs to fewer and powerful systems which uses resources effectively.
  • It allows to put applications on the dedicated operating systems over a virtual server so there are zero compatibilities issues.
  • Virtualization abstracts the underlying hardware also, replaces it with virtual hardware, which helps in gaining flexibility.