Data Preparation Tools Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews has listed down the top Data preparation tools, which are designed specifically to allow business analysts or data scientists to bypass the data warehouses to operate on data integration or data preparation before the analysis. It could search for the data and do perform data cleansing as required before feeding it back to the business intelligence systems.

What is Data Preparation Tools?

Data preparation, often known as data preprocessing, which allows to manipulate the data into a kind suitable for some analysis and processing. It is basically a method which includes various tasks and cannot be automated fully as well. Most data preparation tasks are routine, hectic , as well as time consuming. It has been estimated, data preparation accounts for 60%-80% time has been spent on data mining project. Data preparation is actually significant for carrying out the successful data mining. Lower quality data might result in some incorrect or unreliable data mining results.


  • It lowers the repetition of work
  • It maximizes consistency as well as repeatability
  • It offers ease of access to the information about testing


  • Helps in preparing the relational data before data mining.
  • It offers the capabilities across all kind of data such as structured, semi-structured or unstructured.