Database Load Balancing Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of best Database load balancing, which offers a mechanism for distributing load to a cluster of SQL databases. There are tons of method to achieve this, such as replication, Log Shipping or Database mirroring.

What is Database Load Balancing?

Basically, load balancing enhances the distribution of workloads to different computing resources, like computers, computer cluster, network links, CPUs, or disk drives. The main objective of Load balancing is to best optimize use of resources, increases throughput, lessen the response time, and ignore the overload of any resource. By using different elements with load balancing rather than just a single element might enhance the reliability and availability by redundancy. Load balancing includes dedicated software or hardware, or Domain Name System server process.


  • Load balancing offers the ability to manage spikes in traffic by spreading traffic to different servers
  • Load balancing tends to maintain the website on more than one web server by limiting the impact of hardware failure.
  • It can easily manage site’s traffic and allows administrators with the flexibility to perform maintenance over a server.


  • Enables better response time for users
  • Provides the ability to work efficiently while any components have failed
  • Manages the replication of the contents effectively.