Disaster Recovery as a Service Companies

Disaster Recovery as a Service is a continual, service partnership, or a consulting services, for companies in the requirement for the disaster recovery. DRaaS companies reproduces its applications and data to the data centers to remove or lessen the interruptions to service as well as bolster data security.

What is Disaster Recovery as a Service Companies?

Disaster Recovery as a Service Company is one of the most essential feature for every company, whether large or small. Data is considered as one of the most key element for carrying out daily operations. Advancement in the technology allows a firm to store and protect its data securely. Many IT firms employ DRaaS for this purpose. It is very reliable and helps in addressing various issues and also includes several significant features, including mobility, portability as well as high performance. Traditional disaster recovery does not provides the capabilities that what DRaaS could offer.


  • It allows you to keep the data secure and make sure about quick recovery time.
  • Serves one consistent platform.
  • Ensures cost effectiveness.


  • DRaaS enables rapid and immediate recovery
  • It allows virtual access of the assets, with little hardware or software expenditures
  • It ensures reliable security