Disk Based Backup Systems Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of top Disk Based Backup Systems, which offers the best advantage over the SCSi tape, in case the disaster occur due to any reason, either natural or man made. It allows you to recover the partial data  by ensuring the speed as well as security along with the reasonable cost.

What is Disk Based Backup Systems?

Disk Based Backup System is a technology which offers a great and reliable recovery solutions by allowing you to restore large amount of data to various disk storage media. It is often supplemented by tape drive for the purpose of data archival as well as replication to other facility for disaster recovery. In addition to this, data based backup systems has more benefits over the conventional backup system for both, technical and business reasons, since it enables faster access, higher storage capacity, along with higher security.


  • It offers high speed as compared to traditional tape storage.
  • It allows you to restore or recover at much faster speed.
  • Ensures greater reliability and security.


  • Disk-based offers solution which are much easy to manage.
  • Backups could be done faster depending upon the type of network.
  • Network backups offers superior disaster recovery protection services.