Email Encryption Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you the list of best Email Encryption Software, which enables the encryption as well as authentication, of the email messages to prevent the content from getting read by any of the unintended recipients.

What is Email Encryption Software?

Email encryption software is basically the encryption of email messages so that you can protect your content from being read by unintended users or recipients. Email encryption also supports authentication.

Email is very much prone to disclosure of the confidential information. Many emails are transmitted in the clear and not encrypted. By using various available tools, persons apart from the designated recipients could also read email contents. Email encryption has been used mostly to protect the privacy. Email encryption could also rely on public-key cryptography, where users can publish a public key which others could use to encrypt the messages, along with keeping secret private key to decrypt those messages or to digitally encrypt the messages which they have been send.


  • It allows you to protect your secret information.
  • It uses the secure and encrypted email server, so that you do not need to purchase any software.
  • It eliminating extra steps for encryption and hence saves lot of time.


  • It makes sure that you didn't get any spam attachment.
  • It offers secure encryption to maintain the security.