Enterprise Asset Management Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of top Enterprise Asset Management software which allows you to automates the lifecycle management of the assets across the enterprise. As capital differs widely across the industries, Enterprise Asset Management tend to be configurable to the needs of the particular industries

What is Enterprise Asset Management Software?

Enterprise asset management also known as the EAM is the optimal lifecycle management for the physical assets of the enterprise or organization. It shield the subjects such as the designing, construction, commissioning, maintenance as well as decommissioning of the plant, equipment as well as facilities.

Enterprise, here’s refers to the scope of the physical assets across departments, organisations, locations, and, potentially, business units.

The main aim of EAM is to allow managers to organise and control or optimizing the operations for quality and efficiency as well. It also facilitates the operations by automating the requests for upgrades, regular maintenance as well as decommissioning or replacement.


  • It plan inventory to achieve maintenance demand accurately and make the correct parts available at correct location.
  • Offers the flexible business process configuration which adapts your changing business needs.
  • Performs downtime monitoring.


  • Manage all the physical asset deployment, specifications, monitoring, and tracking from the same system.
  • Manage vendor contracts with contract management support for buying, lease, rental, warranty, and user-defined contracts.
  • Easily schedule the resources for some specific work orders