Enterprise Service Bus Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews has listed down the top enterprise service bus software, which is basically the integration framework or an architecture which offers the interoperability among various heterogeneous applications as well as services in SOA, which is also known as Service-Oriented Architecture.

What is Enterprise Service Bus Software?

An enterprise service bus, for short, ESB, is the implementation of a communication system among the mutually interacting software applications in SOA, abbreviated for service-oriented architecture. It basically implements the software architecture for the distributed computing, it also implements a special adaptation of the basic client-server model. On the other hand, in general any application which uses ESB could behave like a server or client. It also enhances the agility as well as flexibility with regards to the high protocol-level communication among various applications. The main aim of the high protocol-level communication is the enterprise application integration (EAI) of complex as well as heterogeneous landscapes.


  • It offers more configuration instead of an integration coding
  • Does not use any central rules-engine, or central broker
  • Ensures easy plug-in and plug-out along with the loosely coupling system.


  • It distributes the information to enterprise quickly as well as easily.
  • It masks the differences between the underlying platforms, software architectures, or network protocols.
  • Ensure the proper information delivery even when the networks go offline from time to time.