Enterprise Storage Area Network Solutions Reviews

Virtuous Reviews brings forth the list of best Storage area network, (SAN), which offers a high-speed network of the storage devices offering the block-level storage which could be accessed by applications running on networked servers. It also includes tape libraries, and, disk-based devices, such as RAID hardware.

What is Enterprise Storage Area Network Solutions?

An Enterprise storage area network is basically a network which offers the accessibility  the to consolidated, block level data storage. These are primarily used to improve the storage devices, like disk arrays, tape libraries, as well as the optical jukeboxes, which is being accessible to the servers so that it could appear to the OS as locally attached devices. It typically has its own network of the devices for storage which is usually not accessible by the local area network (LAN). The cost or complexity of the SANs allows the wider adoption to both enterprise as well as small to medium-sized business environments.

It does not offers the file abstraction, and provides the block-level operations only. Although, the file systems of SANs does offers the file-level access, and are also considered as the shared-disk file systems.


  • It allows sharing the storage which simplifies the storage administration and also ensures flexibility.
  • It offers the ability to allow servers to boot from SAN itself.
  • Ensures the more effective disaster recovery processes.


  • Quickly identify and isolation the optics or cable problems.
  • Assist you to manage the storage as a resource to meet the needs of the business.
  • Ensures the reliability for the hardware foundation