File Archiving Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of best File Archiving Software, which allows IT administrators to free up storage, while still retaining few of the inactive, or duplicate in lower-cost tiered storage.

What is File Archiving Software?

A file archiver is basically a computer program which merges the number of files together into a single archive file, or series of the archive files, to enable the easier transportation and storage as well. File archivers might use lossless data compression in archive formats to lower the size of the archive files.

Basic archivers take list of files and focus majorly upon the contents sequentially into the archives. The archive files have to store the metadata. Advanced archiver's store some additional metadata, like original timestamps, file attributes, etc.

The entire process of making archive file is called archiving. Reconstructing original files is known as unarchiving, unpacking or extracting.


  • Minimizes the file server storage from 60 to 90% and enhances the server performance
  • It enables the access to corporate intelligence
  • Increase employee as well as administrator productivity


  • It allows end users to easily locate all the necessary files.
  • Files stored on the server are easily searchable offer with insight into data stored on the servers.