High Availability Cluster Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews brings forth the list of best High Availability Clusters, which are basically servers that are being grouped together, as in case, if one server fails, another server restarts the application immediately. This maintains the reliability and reduces the downtime of an application.

What is High Availability Cluster Software?

High-availability clusters, often called as HA clusters and failover clusters, are basically groups of computers which usually support server applications and it could be reliably used even with lessen amount of down-time. They work using high availability software to tackle the redundant computers in groups or which offers continued service even if the system components fail. If it does not includes clustering, and when server running an application crashes, application will not be made available until crashed server got fixed. High Availability Cluster detects the hardware or software faults, and restarts the application on other system without any administrative intervention.


  • Failure in the internal disks did not let the system crashes.
  • Single cable, or network interface failures, do not result in network outages
  • Improve  the "uptime" of the services


  • Enables configuration of the services, and spread configuration information on several cluster nodes.
  • Clusters needs a specific set of hardware to operate.
  • Cluster nodes are generally connected simply by using more than one network interface