Hosted Virtual Desktop Services Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of best A hosted virtual desktop Services, where platform and the applications are being hosted on service provider's server. A desktop instance makes virtual machine on the host's server, which allows end users to access operating system and applications.

What is Hosted Virtual Desktop Services?

A hosted desktop is basically a product set in a larger cloud-computing sphere, which is usually delivered by using combination of technologies such as hardware virtualization and some remote connection software, or Remote Desktop. Processing takes place with the data center of the provider along with the traffic among datacentre and client being primarily, which shows the updates, mouse movements as well as the keyboard activity.

A Hosted Desktop usually includes browser-based connection to the desktop environment that involves office productivity suite with few of the other desktop applications. The desktop is hosted, run, delivered as well as supported from central location, generally secure data center along with some high-quality connections to the Internet.


  • It allows applications, data as well as settings to be stored securely on the cloud
  • Enable you to connect your virtual desktop from any device.
  • Printing and scanning are made easy with Hosted Virtual Desktop Services.


  • It offers an easy way to customize your desktops for specific users or groups of users.
  • Allows you to create common image and store it on one servers in the datacenter.
  • You can also rapidly deploy a common, supported desktop environment around your network.