Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Systems Reviews

Virtuous Reviews has listed down the top hyper-converged infrastructure system, which has combine several configurations all together. This means, that compute, networking, virtualization as well as storage of the resources are tightly coupled in the pre-engineered packages linked together along with the software.

What is Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Systems?

Hyper-converged infrastructure, often called as HCI, also hyper-converged integrated system (HCIS) which simply means integrating the virtualization of the storage and computing in the data center. Disparate traditional infrastructure, packages usually do not involve any of the network switches to connect to the multiple systems.

Conventionally, IT infrastructure was relatively isolated from various IT groups for provisioning, managing as well as supporting server, storage, virtualization, network resources, etc. HCI infrastructure tends to break these isolations by merging all of them in various configurations. This implies that networking, virtualization and storage resources are tightly coupled and also linked together with the software.


  • Availability - In case of node failure, applications are automatically restarted on some other nodes to reduce the downtime.
  • Scalability - All resources are merge into single cluster, creating a single super-server for applications
  • Reduce Cost - You do not have to buy virtualization software or licenses, neither you require any prior knowledge or training.


  • Hyper-convergence supports a common data center availability as well as reliability requirements.
  • It also offer the software building blocks for integrating as well as deploying the system