Top 10 Identity Management Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews offers its wide range of services all over the world by ranking top 10 Identity Management Software. We have listed the best access management, id management and contact management. So, go ahead browse the site and find the best project management softwares, business management softwares and service management softwares for your organisation.

Identity management or identity and access management is the management of principles, authorization and authentication within enterprise boundaries. It is a broad administrative area that identifies individuals within a system and simultaneously controls their access to different resources by introducing user rights and restrictions. It actually decides that what users can actually perform with network devices under what conditions. There are many security products that lay emphasis on making mobile access to the corporate systems. Identity management increases productivity and security and decrease cost at the same time.

Tools for identity management should run on server either cloud or on premise for security reasons. Identity management greatly depends on management console functionality, reporting, alarms, alerts, including policy definitions and many other operational requirements. Many of the identity management systems provide support for wired as well as wireless users.

There is a department operating in each organization that takes responsibility for the management of digital identities of their employees and products. Identity management deals with organization structure changes and customer management. There are many vendors entering the market that provides identity management software. We at Virtuous Review fetch out best out of the pool and fulfil the security and management demands of business owners.

How to choose a Identity Management Software?

However there is no such rocket science in choosing a Identity Management Software, but here are few things which you should keep in mind.

  • Identity and Authentication - Check whether your IM software will support multiple directories like Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, and UNIX/Linux, with full bi-directional synchronization or not?
  • Provisioning - Check whether you have the provision of adding, deleting and modifying the user information  using a single interface only or not?
  • Access Management - Make sure that the identity component is integrated with the user access component, so that any change in the identity component automatically gets updated in the access management too.
  • Administration - Check whether the users can open their profiles securely after logging in or not? Can they change their passwords easily or not?
  • Audit and Reporting - Can you report on all user identity stores from the central repository or meta-directory? Are both Access and Identity events recorded for audit purposes? Can reports be customized, and how easy is this to do (i.e., without coding)?


  • Best Software Identity Management Programs - We have listed the top notch Identity Management Software Programs which provide best in class services.
  • Easy and Effective - These softwares are very easy to use, you won’t take much time to learn them and at the same time they are very effective.
  • Reviews of Identity Management Programs - Virtuous Reviews offers you the reviews of all the best Identity Management Programs so that you can have the best ideas while looking for any service management software.


  • Long Term Benefits - These Identity Management Programs will bear long term benefits for you.
  • Easy Comparison of all the softwares - You can easily compare different softwares and choose the best one according to you.
  • Best User Experience - The technology used in these Identity Management Programs will give you the best user experience.