Intrusion Detection Software Reviews

Top 10 Intrusion detection software are listed here at Virtuous Reviews. We review all the software to bring forth the names of best ones available over the web. You can also find free software here. The software are arranged in preferential manner so that you may choose the best.

What is Intrusion detection software?

Intrusion detection software checks a system against any kind of malicious activity. It also monitors policy violations associated with any network. The detected activities are collected centrally using an SIEM system i.e. Security Information and Event Management. This system simply blends the outputs from a number of sources. It also uses some technique to differentiate false alarms from any malicious activity. It is a type of security management system for network and computers. It identifies security breaches and also protects you from attacks within the organization.


  • Monitors and analyses system and user activities.
  • Access file integrity
  • Recognize patterns of attacks.
  • Analyses system configurations
  • Tracks user policy violations


  • Detects and stops attacks
  • Offers great detection capabilities to stop activity
  • Offers Customizable features