LAN switches Reviews

Top 10 LAN switches are listed here at Virtuous Reviews. We review all the software to bring forth the names of best ones available over the web. You can also find free software here. The software are arranged in preferential manner so that you may choose the best.

What are LAN Switches?

LAN Switches can also be called as packet switches. These switches are used in Local Area Network. They only allow traffic when most needed. Network switches are computer networking devices that connects various devices together under a computer network. It forwards data only if the devices need it otherwise it just sends them out of each of its ports. It is a multiport network bridge that process data a network layer. It functions effectively. The flow of data is managed by network switches. It regulates the flow of traffic. It is also called as Switching hub.  


  • Advanced options that can be configured
  • Switched listed here can be managed or unmanaged.
  • Connect to other network devices via network cables.


  • Interpret bits in received frame
  • Buffer the frame in memory
  • No collision can occur