Network Access Control Solution Providers Reviews

Get the list of top 10 Network access control solutions here at Virtuous Reviews. We have reviewed some of the best service providers in the market. Network Access Control basically deals with unifying endpoint security technology.

What is Network access control solutions?

Network access control solutions make use of an array of protocols that explains how to secure the access to nodes on a network whenever any device attempts to make an access. It allows the network elements such as Routers, switches and firewalls to work along with end user computing equipments and back office servers. As the name indicates, Network access control simply controls access to a network with policies. It also includes pre admission endpoint security policy that controls the movement and users and devices over the network. For example whenever a computer is connected to a computer network it is being checked by a software agent which is pre installed. It gets checked on the basis of whether it complies with policies or not.


  • Authorization and authentication of network connections.
  • Role based control of systems and users.
  • Encryption of traffic with wired network


  • Ability to deliver network access at granular level
  • Delivering role based network access
  • Reduces the risks involved in APTs.