Reviews for Relational Databases

Find the list of top 10 Relational Databases here at Virtuous Reviews. The list is arranged in preferential order so that you can find best one at the top. Read the overview provided below to gain insights about the features of various Relational databases software.

What is a Relational Databases software?

Relational databases are basically the digital databases that work on the basis of relational model of data. Relational model of data organizes data in one or more row and columns. The rows represent the type of entity whereas the columns represent values attributed to each instance. The rows are also called as tuples or records. Each row is associated with a unique key. At a time you are able to modify one and only one row in the whole table. Most of the software have unique primary key for each table. Primary keys in various tables define relationship among them. Most of the relational databases designs have many to many relationships by the creation of additional tables containing primary keys from both of the other entity tables.


  • Unique identifier assigned to all the records
  • Make every record unique
  • Hold data over multiple tables


  • Complex queries can be carried out
  • Cater for future requirements
  • Better security