Session Border Controllers Reviews

Find the list of top 10 Session border controllers here at Virtuous Reviews. The list is arranged in preferential order so that you can find best one at the top. Read the overview provided below to gain insights about the features of various Session border controllers.

What are Session Border Controllers?

As the name suggests, Session border controllers are generally deployed in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to have a control over media streams and signaling associated with setting up, and tearing down telephone calls. It also controls the process of other interactive media communications. Earlier the function of SBCs was confined to deployments focused on borders associated with to service providers networks. The word “Session” in Session border controllers means the communication between two parties. The “Border” term refers to the demarcation between two points within the network. It finds its application in large corporations where various departments have the need of a secured communication. We at Virtuous Reviews analyse various Session border controllers available in the market so that we can come up with the names of best ones.


  • Protect the network and other devices.
  • Encryption of signalling
  • Allow different parts of network to communicate


  • Resource allocation
  • Traffic policing
  • Provide built in digital signal processors.