Reviews for SSL VPN Solution Providers

Find the list of top 10 SSL VPN Solution Providers here at Virtuous Reviews. The list is arranged in preferential order so that you can find best one at the top. Read the overview provided below to gain insights about the features of various SSL VPN solution providers.

What is a SSL VPN?

SSL VPN stands for Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network that provides a safe and secured access to the remote users so that there is no need to have a dedicated software program in the desktop. It can be used with a standard web browser. Traditionally, IPsec i.e. Internet protocol security had been used. It requires a specialized software on end user’s computer. SSL VPN does not require such kind of installation. A Virtual Private Network ensures a secured connection for the data transmitted between two end points. It may consists more than one VPN device that connect users with the help of web browsers.  The traffic between the SSL VPN device and the web browser is encrypted with SSL protocol. The are two types of SSL VPN- SSL portal VPN and SSL tunnel VPN.


  • Users can securely access resources from multiple locations


  • The concept is versatile
  • Ease of use
  • Accesses resources from many locations