Top 10 Telephony and VOIP Services: Ratings and Reviews

We, at  Virtuous Reviews bring forth the ranking and reviews, to rate top 10 telephony & VOIP software programs. The telephony softwares are in a huge demand now days, so in order to provide you the best mobile softwares, VOIP softwares and IP phone softwares, we have listed the best telephony and VOIP softwares.

Telephony and VOIP also known as voice over internet protocol is a great advent of technology which uses internet as the transmission medium instead of the primitive circuit transmissions of PSTN. Various applications like Cool Talk and NetMeeting are also its latest features. Technology is evolving and we need to be updated.

Hence Virtuous reviews is here to enable you to find out the latest telephony and VOIP systems. The greatest advantage of this technology is that the user does not have to pay additional than his normal internet access charge. So why not bring this telephony and VOIP system to light and make use of it.

We at virtuous reviews present the indomitable options for making your conversation over the internet a success. This new venture unfolds many possibilities and we are here to guide you to how to make the correct choice which will be beneficial for long.

Important things to remember while choosing a Telephony & VOIP Software:-

Choosing a right VOIP system for your firm is really an important task because it can affect the productivity of your whole organisation. So, here is a quick guide for you to choose the right VOIP Software.

  • Access your business needs - Before switching to VOIP system, the business owners need to have a look at the company phone bills, international phone requirements and the VOIP service plans. If the business unit is small then switching over to VOIP system may not be required.
  • Access  current internet infrastructure - Businesses need to estimate the size of investment to build a better infrastructure and see if their current one will work, before looking for VoIP software.
  • Type of the provider you need - Different VOIP providers will offer you different kind of services. So, look at the kind of service they are offering you and then make the choice according to your needs. For small units the residential VOIP providers can be a good option.
  • Look for Advantages - Some providers will emphasize on additional benefits with subscribing, such as unlimited faxing or free equipment, which can be very cost-saving, especially for smaller businesses.


  • Best Telephony & VOIP software programs - We have listed the top notch Telephony & VOIP software programs which will help you in making your own websites in a quick and easy manner.
  • Easy and Effective - These Telephony & VOIP software programs are very easy to use, you won’t take much time to learn them and at the same time they are very effective.
  • Cost Effective - These softwares are not very expensive and can be afforded easily by anyone. So, don’t need to worry about the prices because we are offering you the best.
  • Reviews of best Telephony & VOIP software programs - Virtuous Reviews offers you the reviews of all the best  Telephony & VOIP software program so that you can have easily find the best in class cloud service providers.


  • Long Term Benefits - These Telephony & VOIP software programs will bear long term benefits for you.
  • Easy Comparison of all the softwares - You can easily compare different softwares and choose the best one according to you.
  • Best User Experience - The listed Telephony & VOIP software programs are best in class service providers and will guarantee you best user experience in the future.