Top 10 A/B Testing and Personalization Software: Ratings and Reviews

Testing and analysis of your website is an important task and this needs a perfect A/B testing and personalization tool. So, we have set forth the list of top landing page testing software to carry out the best website optimization test.

What is a  A/B Testing and Personalization?

A/B Testing and Personalization is not so confusing term as it appears. In fact it is a tool to solve the confusion. Often in life, we are struck between two choices. Wherever possible, we get both. But in some cases, we need to go for the one that is the best for us. But what if ‘that best’ is not ‘the best’? Virtuous Reviews believes in perfection and work hard to provide the best to their customers too. Leave behind the days, when you had to go with one web design and wish that your visitors like it.

Now in the age of software, where everything can be evaluated online without actual public survey, you can opt for the best website design among the choices available. All the sites, we rated and listed for you, perform well. Just go for the one that you feel is good enough for you. Not only you will end up having an optimized looks for your website but also increased online traffic. After all beauty and perfection is always appreciated.

The variations done to the website are all dynamic and different visitors are shown different variations of your web page. The most liked option is determined. Thus the process is quick and result oriented. Customer is the king. So, isn’t it wise to model your website as per their likes. Go ahead and break free of ‘this’ or ‘that’ confusion.

Why do we need a A/B Testing and Personalization?

A/B testing is also known as split testing as it  delivers two different versions of the same web page to visitors to determine which one performs better. Once the testing is done then those results can be used to inform website redesigns, refine new tools and functionality, and finally improve conversions.


  • Integrates with call to action - strong and effective calls to action is needed to deliver the best services to your audience. They are customizable as you can select your desired colors and text of buttons so find out which one will drive more sign ups.
  • Images - Helps you to try testing product shots vs. people, static images vs. videos, or even image sizes.
  • Testing - In addition to headlines, you can test tone, SEO copy, and share copy to see which pays off.


  • Find your targeting - Discover your strengths and learn where to focus your efforts for better web optimization.
  • More improvement - Learn the best online optimization testing and personalization strategies through these tools.